Easily update manual crank awnings and tilting windows with the SideWinder®

Developed for recreational vehicles, marine, and other specialty applications, the SideWinder quickly converts awning style manual windows and vents into electrical operation without altering windows. Simply pop off knobs and slide the SideWinder on top of the cranks. Once secured, add an electrical lead and run the SideWinder on 12-volt power. It can be used on old windows or new ones and is available as an OEM part.

The SideWinder can be controlled by the flip of a switch, an on-board multiplex system, or remotely via a key fob. It can also be tied into a rain sensor system which automatically closes vents or windows during rain.

Use the SideWinder in RVs, semi-truck sleeper cabins and, boats, to eliminate cumbersome operation of difficult or inaccessible manual cranks. The SideWinder also makes winterizing vehicles a breeze and prevents accidental over-tightening and damage to the window mechanism.

Muncy Corporation is the only manufacturer and supplier of the SideWinder. We hold multiple patents and a trademark for our development, which was designed at the request of a customer.