We offer specialized OEM window and door parts for marine, recreational vehicles, and boating manufacture and retrofitting

At Muncy Corporation, we specialize in the construction of window regulators, electrical components, window glass, hardware, and manual cranks for recreational vehicles.

Our experience in creating and manufacturing window and door modules goes back to 1946 when we began production of our window regulators. Today, we have expanded our abilities to be capable of design, production, assembly, and delivery for inner door modules of all kinds for recreational vehicles that include marine application, RVs, and boats. To ensure products are up to our strict standards, we run in-house performance-testing on every component, module, and assembly we manufacture.

Included in our OEM parts for recreational vehicles is our own specially developed SideWinder, which hold multiple patents and a trademark. Our SideWinder quickly converts old manual windows, vents, and awnings into mechanical operation without altering windows. Muncy Corporation is the only manufacturer and supplier of the SideWinder.


Easily update old manual crank awnings and tilting windows with the SideWinder™