Muncy Corporation develops and manufactures window regulators, electrical components, door modules for use in the heavy equipment industry

With more than 60 years producing window regulators and components used within heavy truck doors, we understand what engineers are looking for. We’ve produced OEM parts for construction, cranes and speciality cabs, mining, and trucking.

Each part we design and manufacture is built to withstand the heavy use to which they will be subjected. Our abilities include every aspect of manufacture, from design, to production and assembly, to delivery. In addition, we offer rugged in-house performance-testing on every component, module, and assembly we manufacture. This ensures our parts are built strong and will last.

We specialize in the fabrication of door and window assemblies, including window regulators, electrical components, window glass, hardware, and manual cranks. Muncy Corporation is known for the work we do and has been chosen by more than 200 global customers.

Cable Drive Regulators

Slimmer and less bulky than it’s predecessor, it’s our top-of-the-line OEM component


Door Assemblies & Modules

Incorporating both manual and robotic assembly, our team will put together door assemblies and modules to complete your project


Sector Gear Regulators

Our sector gear regulators are part of our traditional OEM operation


Electrical Components

Our OEM line-up includes electrical components inside door modules


Window Cranks

We also offer replacement window cranks for a variety of applications


Window Glass Hardware

Complete your door module with our window glass hardware