Door Assemblies & Modules

Incorporating both manual and robotic assembly, our team will put together door assemblies and modules to complete your project

At Muncy Corporation, we have the capability to take projects from conception and design to complete assembly. Assembly and installation in our facility can eliminate future failure due to assembly variables, such as incorrect alignment.

Complete your door module with our in-house door assembly

Our capabilities include:

  • CMM capabilities up to 48”X 84”X 39” in the Z Axis
  • Electro deposition to meet customer salt spray requirements
  • Resistance, Tig, and Mig Welding
  • Friction spin welding
  • Stamping capabilities from 30 to 1000 tons
  • Value-added assemblies
  • 3D Printing
  • Reverse Engineering through component scanning/PCMM
  • Automated Vision Inspection

As part of our ability to partially or completely assemble the door components within the panel, we can mount window regulators, brackets, electrical components, window glass hardware, and more. When we discuss project specifications we will work with you to determine your assembly needs.