What to look for in an assembly solutions provider

What to look for in an assembly solutions provider

OEM Parts | April 11, 2018

If you’re looking for an assembly solutions provider, there are some important considerations you need to keep in mind. Different industries have different requirements, and it always depends on exactly what you’re looking to find. Do you need it quickly? What are your own quality standards? What functionalities are you looking for?

An assembly solutions provider should be able to provide a quality product by using proper installation and maintaining correct alignment of all parts. There are a lot of other important questions to ask, and so here we go over five of the qualities you should look for in an assembly solutions provider. To learn more about the industry, be sure to read OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts.

Experience/Years in the Business

Consider how many years the company has been providing assembly solutions. How long has their team been in the business? Obviously, more-experienced companies tend to produce higher quality results and they will understand and provide exactly what you need.

Experienced companies have a much better understanding of the industry and the many different needs of mandy different customers.


Ask yourself: What are customers saying about the company? Find reviews online, or ask others who have worked with the company firsthand. Did they receive their product in a timely manner? Was the company easy to work with? Were they okay with the cost?

Most of the time, testimonials can be very telling. Use them to get an idea of what it’s like to work with an assembly solutions provider.

Quality Systems

You want to receive a high-quality product, when all is said and done. And high-quality products are produced by companies with excellent quality control systems. Find out how the company tests their products, and how much testing they use. Find out the standards they use and what their own quality systems look like.

It’s also wise to figure out how a company uses engineering or reverse engineering to ensure quality. Do they use automated inspection systems?

Technology and Equipment

What technology does the company use to provide their assembly solutions? Do they use 3D printing? Do they use automation? A good assembly solutions providers is able to use technology to the advantage of the customer, meaning they consistently use technology to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

A good company doesn’t necessarily have to be at the forefront of technology and science, but they certainly use technology to their advantage – and especially – to the advantage of their customer.

Engineering/Design Capabilities

Quality companies have versatility and experience when it comes to engineering. Versatility can mean that they offer custom design and other options, such as reverse engineering. Experience in engineering means they have been in the business for years, and understand the different needs that customers have (and how to use their engineering skills to meet those needs).

Great engineering translates to quality assembly solutions. Without quality, carefully-designed parts, the assembly will suffer. Be sure to choose an assembly solutions provider that has experienced and versatile engineering capabilities.