The truth behind aftermarket parts

Uncategorized | February 17, 2022

You may have heard that using aftermarket parts in your truck can lead to decreased performance and even damage the engine. But is this true? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the truth behind aftermarket parts and debunk some of the myths surrounding them.

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As mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: Pros and Cons, when a truck needs fixing, there are two options- take it to a local repair shop or the dealership. Taking it to the dealership could likely cost more, and the parts used will be OEM. In contrast, a local repair shop will be more budget-friendly and likely use aftermarket parts.

OEM  vs Aftermarket Pros and Cons

At Muncy Corporation, we manufacture OEM and aftermarket parts for different vehicles. We understand that each customer prefers to choose replacement parts; however, you should ask yourself these five questions before deciding. 

  1. Who manufactured the aftermarket part?
  2. How does the price compare to OEM?
  3. How does the quality compare to OEM?
  4. Does the company offer good customer service?
  5. Is there a warranty for the aftermarket part?

These questions are important as their answers will give you an insight into what you are getting and you can perform an analysis to see which has the best “price-per-quality” ratio. After your research, if the aftermarket part is built by a reputable company with good customer service, and a warranty, it might be a better option than OEM. 

Just a quick ProTip >> Often, the OEM part’s manufacturer is the same manufacturer for the aftermarket part! We at Muncy are primarily an OEM shop. However, any aftermarket parts we make are built with the same standards and materials used in our OEM parts.

If you have any other questions relating to aftermarket parts or would like to request a quote, feel free to contact us at 937-346-0800.