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How to get remote access to automate a window

OEM Parts | July 10, 2018

Some windows are nearly impossible to get to. Some of them are a pain in the neck to try to open. Some windows are both of these, and they are the worst kind of windows imaginable.

When it comes to vehicle windows, the easier to use, the better. This is especially true when vehicles are on the road and you don’t have the time or the means to access them. (For example, it’s hard to open a trailer window while you’re barreling down the Interstate.)

Thankfully, we have a solution for problematic windows – the SideWinder. As the only manufacturer of the SideWinder, Muncy knows that it is a perfect replacement for manual windows on a number of different vehicles. Where manual applications fail, its automation succeeds. It can be wired for control via key fob, remote access, or even automatic rain sensors, and runs easily on 12-volt power.

Here are some of the top uses for the SideWinder. To learn more about the product itself, be sure to check it out here.

Horse Trailers

When you’re traveling, you want your horses to have a certain level of comfort, especially when they have to travel in their trailer for an extended period of time. But when you’re driving, you can’t access the windows on the trailer behind you, and that can cause complications when it starts to rain or the temperature spikes during your trip.

Using the SideWinder remotely will let you control the environment inside the trailer with just a flip of a switch or press of a button. Not only will this help you make things easier, but your horses will be thankful too.

Recreational Vehicles

When you’re camping and taking some time off in your RV, pesky windows are something you don’t want to deal with. You want to relax, and we don’t blame you. And when the weather turns sour, you want to be able to close your windows fast. The SideWinder makes it all easy.

Eliminating manual window cranks in your RV gives you more time to vacation, and peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to deal with opening and closing windows as the weather changes. And if you add a rain sensor, it can help protect your RV even when you’re not around.

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The benefits of automating a window aren’t just restricted to land vehicles. Using the SideWinder on a boat can help you control the elements quickly and easily, especially when bad weather strikes and time is of the essence. If you choose to hook up the system to your key fob, you can even close your windows when you’re away from the water.

Installing rain sensors can take care of your boat even when it’s docked, protecting it from the elements. Either way, the SideWinder makes closing windows a much faster and easier process, giving you more time to enjoy your time on the water, and protecting you from stormy weather.

Specialty Vehicles

Automating windows can also be done on a number of specialty vehicles, including semi sleeper cabs. If you’re in a sleeper cab trying to catch some sleep, a difficult manual window is not what you want to contend with. Automating it can help you easily control the interior of the cab, whether you need to let some cool air in, or keep the heat from getting out. And of course, if it rains, an automatic window is easy to close and keep you dry.

Damage Prevention

Preventing damage to a vehicle is easy with an automatic system such as the SideWinder, as it prevents the over-tightening of windows. Because the system takes care of opening and closing it for you, the risk of damage is eliminated. Winterizing vehicles is also very easy when you can automate your window.

Muncy Corporation is the only manufacturer of the SideWinder system, and it is available as an OEM part. To learn more about automated windows and how our product works, be sure to check out this quick video.