Buyer's Guide: Top 5 RVs by Consumer Ratings

Buyer’s Guide: Top 5 RVs by Consumer Ratings

OEM Parts, Recreational Vehicles | February 10, 2018

If you are considering buying a recreational vehicle, or are replacing one you used to own, there are a lot of considerations involved. Unlike a car, an RV has a large amount of amenities and features. This means you have added responsibilities when taking care of it, and worse case scenario, added costs.

A quality RV manufacturer can build a product that will help your mind be at ease, and will allow you to get the most life out of your vehicle. Choosing a good manufacturer will help give you the reliable, fun, and high-quality RV that you’re hoping for. For more info on taking care of your RV, be sure to check out OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: Pros and Cons.

Below we outline some of the top-rated RV manufacturers, according to RV Insight, and what makes each one different. The rankings are consumer ratings, determined by the RVs’ livability, interior design, and overall quality.

5 – Winnebago

Winnebago RV

At number 5, Winnebago receives a score of 4.06. The company was founded almost 60 years ago, and has been manufacturing RVs, toy haulers, travel trailers, and custom vehicles for over 50 years.

Their slogan is “Everything a Motorhome Should Be”, and GeneralRV says it could not be truer. Winnebago has been an industry leader in quality and innovation.

4 – Holiday Rambler

Holiday Rambler RV

The Holiday Rambler brand has an overall score of 4.15. The company is a part of REV Group, Inc., which produces over 20,000 RVs, emergency vehicles, and commercial buses every year.

The company began in 1953, and gained its reputation by selling quality, affordable travel trailers. Whether it is gas or diesel, Holiday Rambler is known for pushing the limits of quality and innovation, while maintaining an affordable price.

3 – Fleetwood

Fleetwood RV motorhome

Fleetwood wins third place with a score of 4.19. Fleetwood RV is another REV Group manufacturer. The company is headquartered in Decatur, Indiana.

Fleetwood motorhomes are known for their constant reputation of quality and reliability. They have been a company for over 60 years. Motor Home Specialist calls them “iconic”. Their RVs are also known for their longevity.

2 – Tiffin

Tiffin RV motorhomes

The runner up on this list has a score of 4.24. This company is one of just a few family-owned manufacturers in the industry, and they are an industry leader, no doubt. The company limits themselves to producing only 12 coaches every day, helping them focus on quality.

GeneralRV says that Tiffin has “elite” customer service, and has consistently been focused on dependable motorhomes with competitive pricing. Their customer service emphasis makes them a good company to work with even after you’ve bought from them.

1 – Monaco

Monaco RV

Monaco Coach is the winner, with a score of 4.35. Yet another REV Group company, Monaco is number 1 consistently in every category. The brand has been around for almost 50 years.

Monaco is focused on building distinguished and luxurious vehicles. Since the early 80s, they have been a leader in luxury diesel coaches. Dynasty is a well-known line of Monaco motorhomes, and it seems a fitting name for the company. Like a lot of successful companies, Monaco is focused on selling a lifestyle that comes with its product.

When it comes time to decide what brand to buy, there are obviously more things to consider than simply consumer ratings. As with most things, you get what you pay for. But hopefully the ratings will give you a better idea of which manufacturers are trusted the most, and what you can expect if you decide to invest in them.