4 Advantages of In-House Assembly

In-house door assembly is the process that we use to assemble and install door parts for customers. The process is exactly what it sounds like: we assemble OEM parts in-house, to create functional door modules. But why is in-house assembly the best option? There are plenty of advantages to assembling CONTINUE


Buyer’s Guide: Top 5 RVs by Consumer Ratings

If you are considering buying a recreational vehicle, or are replacing one you used to own, there are a lot of considerations involved. Unlike a car, an RV has a large amount of amenities and features. This means you have added responsibilities when taking care of it, and worse case CONTINUE


10 OEM Terms You Need to Know

In the OEM business, there are many exclusive terms that are important to know for understanding how the system works. Anyone can buy a car, but keeping it and maintaining it with the proper equipment, that’s the hard part. Understanding how the OEM market works and what certain terms mean CONTINUE


5 Questions to Ask When Buying Aftermarket Parts

So, it’s time for you to purchase an aftermarket part. Maybe you’ve been in a collision, maybe your old part is checking out, or maybe you’re looking to upgrade your car, truck, RV, or trailer. Whatever the reason is, you want to be sure that the part you buy is CONTINUE


OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts: Pros and Cons

When it’s time to make repairs to your car, RV, or truck, you have two majors options: take it to the dealer’s auto shop, or take it to an independent shop. You probably already knew this, but there is an important difference between both. Typically, a dealer’s shop will work CONTINUE