What You Need to Know About Remanufactured Parts

OEM Parts | April 30, 2019

When it comes to a remanufactured or “reman” product, there is a misconception that it is of lesser quality than that of its off-the-shelf counterpart. While the process of remanufacturing involves replacing internal pieces, it is not the same as rebuilding. Rebuilt products involve more reused components and are not guaranteed to meet “like new” specifications. Remanufactured products, on the other hand, are made to work like new.

As a product is remanufactured, it’s disassembled, cleaned and repaired. Components of these parts which can’t be repaired are then replaced with new OEM components. Once all the components are back to “factory-standards,” the product is reassembled and tested. This is the same process applied to the original OEM standards.

When purchasing reman parts from a reputable partner, your business and your wallet will benefit! Here’s why:


By choosing a remanufactured part, you are saving money. Depending on your service provider, remanufactured alternatives cost less than a new part. What’s more, reman parts are rebuilt, repaired and tested to work like new. This also means the warranty can be just as good as a new part. With these benefits, you can be confident that reman parts will keep your vehicle moving and your business’s bottom line in the black.

Minimized Downtime

When your vehicle is down, so are you, and the longer your vehicle isn’t running, the more money it costs your business. When a new OEM part is not readily available, a reman part can take less time to produce than “creating” a new part.  Buying a remanufactured product is a great option to get you back on the road and back in business quickly.

OEM Quality and OEM Warranty

The primary misconception with remanufactured parts concerns quality. Remanufacturing is similar to the manufacturing process. It’s just that some of the pieces have had a previous life. The Muncy remanufacturing process only uses OEM parts, fixtures and labor. During the remanufacturing process, previously used parts are made to work like new. They are inspected and tested to meet the same OEM specifications as a new product. Reman parts even come with the same OEM warranty as a new part, too! Only OEM remanufacturing can return the assembly to a new condition, carry a one year warranty, and be assured to assemble without a problem.


Choosing remanufactured parts is also green. Remanufacturing requires recycling components and using less energy to create the product. Old components are kept out of landfills while the energy and material needed for creating new parts is saved. If your business is looking to implement eco-friendly business practices into their day-to-day operations, buying reman is a great place to start!

The next time you are in the market for parts for your vehicles, don’t dismiss the remanufactured options. They’re eco-friendly, cost-effective, time-savers with a production quality equal to new parts purchased straight from the manufacturer. If your vehicle needs a repair and you are interested in a remanufactured alternative, call or email and we will work to create a solution to get you back on the road.