Benefits of SideWinder ™

OEM Parts, Recreational Vehicles | January 30, 2020

Some people like to leave their RV windows slightly open while traveling during great weather conditions, and we all like to leave them open when we have great weather at our campsites. However, Mother Nature sometimes has other plans and pop up showers or random summer thunderstorms could have you hustling to close your windows. And if you’re driving, finding a safe place to stop and close windows and vents may not be possible and you run the risk of water damage leaving them open. 
What if you could control all of your RV windows with a switch, or perhaps a keyfob? Well, you can. Introducing… the SideWinder™.

What’s Exactly is SideWinder™? 

SideWinder™ quickly converts awning style manual windows and vents into electrical operation without altering windows. It can be controlled by the flip of a switch, an on-board multiplex system, or remotely via a key fob. 

How was it developed? 

The concept and design of the SideWinder sprung from a customer request. The customer wanted to upgrade his recreational vehicle and add automatic windows. We all know how irritating it is to have to open and close your windows manually, especially when you open them and it starts raining. Our team of engineers got to work and created a custom application where a flip of a switch turns manual windows and vents into an automatic electrical system.

Muncy Corporation now holds multiple patents and a trademark and is the only manufacturer and supplier of the SideWinder™ system.

Where Can I use SideWinder™?

You must keep in mind that SideWinder™ can only be installed on properly working scissor arm style window operators. If the operators are more than a year old they must be replaced before installation. Although SideWinder was developed for a recreational vehicle, the system can be used across several specialty applications.

  • Trailers (horse trailers, snowmobile trailers, or any closed trailer with window access)
  • Marine vehicles (boats) 
  • Semi-truck sleeper cabin
  • Any specialty Application

What are the benefits?

The main purpose is to eliminate the cumbersome operation of difficult or inaccessible manual cranks. With the flip of a switch, an on-board multiplex system, or remotely via a key fob you will have access to these windows. Another handy feature is that the system can also be tied into a sensor system that automatically closes vents or windows when it senses rain. That way if rain falls during your road trip or while you sleep in your semi-truck cabin you won’t have to worry about closing your windows, SideWinder™ will do it for you. 

Ready to update your old manual crank awnings or tilting windows with SideWinder™? Contact us today by calling 937-346-0800.