7 Tips to Navigate Driving in Winter Weather

Heavy Trucks, On the Road, Recreational Vehicles, Winter Driving | October 24, 2019

Hazardous Winter roadways are one of the biggest challenges for a truck driver. Snow, frozen road slush, ice, and rain can turn highways into skating rinks causing major catastrophes. We know most truck drivers are overly cautious during inclement weather and wanted to share a few tips for navigating the snowy season.

Inspect your vehicle

Before hopping in the cab and jetting off, take the time to give your vehicle a once-over and make sure everything is in perfect running condition. We’ve created a quick reminder checklist when winterizing your truck.

Check out the list >> Here.

Share your location

Most trucks have a GPS tracker, and companies keep track of the truck. However, it is always a good idea to share your live location with a trusted friend or family member. This will keep your family and friends notified of your whereabouts as you travel. 

Use caution

Sure, we all know to be careful when driving. However, as a trucker, we often have to be defensive in how we maneuver due to other drivers on the road. Keep the speed slow when driving in hazardous conditions and keep an eye on those other drivers. A slip of the wheel or a vehicle spin-outs could cause major headaches for everyone.

Reduce your speed. It’s better to make it late than never. 

Keep your distance

Tying back to defensive driving, one sure-fire way to make sure you’re truck stays on the road is keeping your distance. Heavy trucks have a better grip on the road than small cars zipping past, but the stopping distance on wet and snowy roads is twice as normal distance.

Give yourself some room, this will help you a chance to maneuver in an unpredictable situation.

Tire Spray

This is a great winter driving tip for anyone really. From your seat, the road looks different than what it is and can be hard to tell if its wet or frozen. 

Observe the vehicles around you to see how much water their tires are lifting. If it’s a lot of sprays, the road is probably just wet. If not, then there is your sign the road starting to freeze. 

Turn on your headlights

This applies to any driver in the winter. Most mirrors are covered with snow or ice and visibility decreases for drivers.

Driving with your headlights on ensures everyone’s safety.

Don’t be afraid to pull over

Feel like you are sliding? If you feel something is wrong, do not keep going. Slow down by tapping your brake pedal and pull off. There is nothing wrong with stopping. Find a safe spot to stop until the weather breaks. Remember, safety first. 

Some ideal safe spots to stop are:

  • Gas station
  • 24-hour restaurant
  • Hotel

A rest stop could be safe too, but in case of heavy snow, you might want to move into one of these locations to stay safer. 

These winter driving tips and tricks could be life-savers and doesn’t apply to just truck drivers. There are a lot of people driving during the winter and keeping these points in mind could benefit them as well. 

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