Truck Drivers: The Unsung Heroes of the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Heavy Trucks, On the Road | April 3, 2020

As America fights the coronavirus epidemic and the normal life we all knew before is altered, it’s the truck drivers who are among those risking their personal health and working in overdrive to provide for our nation. From delivering goods to stores in order to restock the shelves, to transporting medical supplies to hospitals all across America, truck drivers are truly the unsung heroes right now. 

Truck drivers face a much higher risk of contracting the disease than most as they don’t have the ability to do their job remotely. Every time a driver stops to fill up their gas tank, use a public restroom, or even just use a pen provided by a shipper to sign paperwork, they put themselves at risk of getting the virus. This doesn’t mean they stop working. Truck drivers have always been a significant part of the American market, but they are working overdrive right now to continue providing for the American people during this trying time. 

Certain laws and regulations have even changed for truck drivers. The Department of Transportation suspended regulations that require drivers to take off-road breaks while making deliveries. Normally, drivers are only allowed 14-hour workdays and can spend only 11 hours actually driving. Those rules no longer apply to truck drivers who are transporting medical equipment related to COVID-19. The trucking industry is doing everything it can to continue and provide for the U.S like it always has.

Currently, truck drivers are in the minds of many American people. We are praying for their health and safety. We have immense gratitude for the work that they are doing to help fight this epidemic. We cannot forget any of that when this crisis is over. Truck drivers have earned hero status due to the work and dedication we are seeing right now. When this pandemic is over with, I hope we don’t forget the men and women who worked hard behind the scenes for us. The ones who helped keep America going during this difficult time. 

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