The Top 5 Best Truck Stops to Explore

Aftermarket Parts, Heavy Trucks, OEM Parts, Recreational Vehicles | June 30, 2019

After putting in long hours on the road, truck stops can offer a temporary roadside haven. While many of these stops offer the basic amenities to reset for the road, there are some stops that go above and beyond any trucker’s expectation. Here are a few these truckstop paradises to explore! 

Jubitz Travel Center – Portland, OR 

Cruise on into the Jubitz Travel Center! With over 65 years of hospitality and 27 acres of travel services, travelers are sure to feel accommodated and refreshed. Grab a homestyle meal at the 24-hour Cascade Grill Restaurant, catch up on the latest movie releases at the Jubitz cinema, or catch a great band at the Ponderosa Lounge Country Western Bar. The wow factor doesn’t stop with those features, either! Jubitz even has on-site footwear repair, barber shop, and chiropractor services to keep drivers in top shape for the road! 

Iowa-80 Truck Stop – Walcott, IA

This is the Disneyland of truck stops! At the Iowa-80, travelers can “refuel” at one of the stop’s 8 restaurants, stock up on snacks and gifts, see the dentist, wash their dog, visit a trucking museum, and so much more! Did we mention that this stop has 900 parking spaces? 

Little America Fuel Center – Little America, WY

The Little America Fuel Center is an all-time favorite truckstop oasis that caters specifically to professional drivers. Little America offers everything a trucker needs, including an exceptional convenience store, dedicated parking for semi-trucks, clean showers, a driver’s lounge, and tasty food from its grill and deli. The Little America Fuel Center is even equipped with an onsite repair shop so truckers can keep on trucking! 

The Pine Cone – Johnson Creek, WI

Those who get a hankering for a homemade dinner or baked goods on the road will enjoy the simple pleasures of The Pine Cone Travel Plaza. Visitors can choose from their bakery, deli, restaurant or well-stocked convenience store for a good refuel for the day. Heck, customers can even call in an order of pizza before they get there! 

South of the Border – Hamer, SC

Long hours on the highway often mean monotony, but South of the Border is guaranteed to break it. Along with its basic trucker accommodations, such as fuel, showers, and food, South of the Border is also home to some unique attractions and shops. Take a ride up into a giant 200-foot sombrero, visit a reptile lagoon, or grab an ice cream cone at Pedro’s Ice Cream Fiesta. This is a stop you’ll never forget! 

Next time drivers need a well-deserved rest and great service, any of these exceptional and entertaining truckstops will do the trick. If you’re in need of any part to keep your truck or heavy vehicle in top shape for these travels, feel free to take a look at our aftermarket parts or our door assembly and module capabilities. Whether you’re looking for a quote, a certain part, or have a few questions about our work, feel free to contact us