How the RV industry is responding to the Coronavirus Crisis

On the Road, Recreational Vehicles, Uncategorized | April 30, 2020

It’s no secret that the Coronavirus crisis has completely changed everyone’s lifestyle. Most businesses have changed their way of operation. Unfortunately, some can’t and have to stay closed until further notice. This has led to a lot of people and businesses to manufacture and sell products in high demand such as masks, ventilators, and disposable gloves. Some companies have also adapted to implement delivery or curbside pickups.  

Healthcare workers are working extra shifts, scientists are working endless hours for a vaccine, and truckers are working overtime to deliver goods. We are all doing what we can to cope and to help others during this outbreak, and the RV industry is no exception. Here are four ways that RV owners have been able to help. 

RV Donation to health care workers. 

In Michigan, some RV owners have temporarily donated their campers to healthcare workers. This is huge! Many nurses and doctors are exposed to the virus and their biggest fear is to infect someone they love in their household. With these RV donations, the nurses and doctors can stay close to the hospital they work at and away from their families. 

COVID-19 testing RV

In Lincoln, Nebraska; Bryan Health, a not-for-profit healthcare organization, rented an RV to get a mobile COVID-19 testing unit up and running. This allows them to travel to different areas around Lincoln as well as other communities to support rural hospitals.

Company offers FREE RV Rental to Medial Workers. 

This is another example of a business doing anything they can to help. We already mention that people were voluntarily donating their RV to health care workers. Now, this RV rental company decided to lend all of their RVs to healthcare workers. Bravo!

An Executive order has authorized the purchase of RV trailers to provide emergency isolation.  

In California, the state immediately procured 1,309 travel trailers from FEMA and private vendors to provide quarantine capacity – moving people out of shelters and into isolation placements.

These are just a few examples of the many ways people are helping their ‘neighbors.” Have you thought… “How can I help in some way?” This might be it. Reach out to your local healthcare facilities or city government to see if there is a need for temporary spaces that your RV might be able to fill. After all, we are all in this together. 

If there is any way we can support you and your RV business let us know. As always, we try to carry all the parts you need to keep your RV up to date and make them available in record time. Looking for a part? Click HERE