4 Advantages of In-House Assembly parts assembly

4 Advantages of In-House Assembly

OEM Parts | March 20, 2018

In-house door assembly is the process that we use to assemble and install door parts for customers. The process is exactly what it sounds like: we assemble OEM parts in-house, to create functional door modules. But why is in-house assembly the best option?

There are plenty of advantages to assembling and installing parts in-house. The reason we operate this way is that it allows us to install parts correctly, maintain proper alignment, and avoid failure as a result.

Engineering, manufacturing, and assembling are all tightly connected with each other. We recognize this, and understand that managing all of them allows a company to produce a high-quality result and increase their customer’s satisfaction. So here we go through the top four ways in-house assembly is beneficial.

Reduces Costs

As you can probably guess, outsourcing an assembly team will increase the cost to the OEM manufacturer, and it will cost them an unnecessary amount of time. An OEM manufacturers original parts according to their specifications, so why can’t they do the same with assembly?

Taking the entire process just one step further eliminates the need for outsourcing, which eliminates unnecessary time and costs to the OEM.

Reduces Labor

While both manufacturing and assembling, you also reduce the need for labor requirements.

An OEM then becomes an assembly solutions provider whose parts and inventory can be more easily managed. All of the originally manufactured parts are under one roof, and do not need to undergo the hassle of outsourcing and the time/cost increase that comes with it.

Consistent Quality

It makes sense for an OEM manufacturer to know the ins and outs of their part, and the engineering involved. So why wouldn’t they know the best way to install those parts without failure?

The ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. The goal becomes easier to reach when manufacturing teams and assembly teams can work under the same roof, and have easy access to the same engineering and knowledge. A quality product can’t be made without a team. When manufacturers and assemblers are under one company, they are a closer team – and therefore – a better team.

In-house assembly also gives us the option to use automation, robotics, and various systems to constantly improve the assembly process.

Increased Speed

Again, outsourcing costs an OEM time and money. When manufacturing and assembly solutions can be done by one company, everyone saves on time. When manufacturers provide assembly, they are saving time and money for both themselves and for the customer.

Instead of having to deal with an outsourced assembly team, the finished module comes to you much faster, properly installed, and with a higher quality. Want to have a product or module get to you faster? Choose an OEM that provides in-house assembly solutions.