3 Essential Tips to go on a Winter Adventure with your RV

On the Road, Recreational Vehicles, Winter Driving | November 26, 2019

While fair-weather adventurers are prepping their RVs for a long winter’s hibernation, there are those who aren’t letting the cold get in their way and are gearing up for some wintertime road trips. 

RV camping when the temperatures drop not only means you are going to see some pretty amazing winter scenes, but it also means you need to be vigilant with your camper maintenance. An RV is like a second home and while it’s important to protect it from summer’s heat, it’s just as important to protect it while traveling through harsh winter conditions.

Here are a few reminders and tips to keep your RV performing at it best while you’re out adventuring this winter season.

Inspect and protect your engine and fluids

The camper’s engine components will need a little extra protection for your winter excursions.

Having your engine in proper working condition and protected against the cold ultimately will keep your trip moving forward! The last thing you want is to be stranded at a campsite due to a dead battery or frozen lines.

  • Inspect your battery for corrosion and make sure it is fully charged 
  • Add antifreeze (50% antifreeze and 50% water)
  • Use an engine block heater 

Protect your plumbing

Frozen water pipes can easily cause a big headache and a kink in your trip. Here are a few tips to keep your pipes from freezing and will prevent any cracking or bursting. 

  • Add antifreeze in the holding tank
  • Use a space heater
  • Use an internal water tank
  • Use heat team on pipes and hoses
  • Make sure you have a full propane take for your furnace

Another helpful tip to keep your pipes warm is to leave your bathroom door and kitchen cabinets open. This way, the space heater can keep the internal components of your plumbing warm.

Some winter campers use a propane furnace to warm the coach, however, it isn’t a super-efficient way to sustain the heat. If temperatures are close to, or below freezing kicking it on to maintain a low temperature will help keep pipes and lines from freezing. Using your heat pump and slowing increasing the temperature will help maintain warm temperatures as well.

Upgrade the RV insulation

This is the simplest way to keep your camper warm in the winter. It doesn’t just seal everything to create a warm and toasty living inside the camper, but it also protects the vehicle’s components from damages.

  • Use heavy curtains and carpets
  • Line your windows with foam insulation boards
  • Install RV skirting
  • Use vent covers to keep heat from escaping

Winter camping can be amazing… IF you’re properly prepared. So, take your camping adventures to the next level and make the most of your RV camping season! For details about installing a SideWinder before the snow flies, feel free to contact us HERE.